Saint Michael the Archangel in paintings

A small sample of the many drawings and paintings of Saint Michael, in chronological order:

Albrecht Dürer: illustration from Apocalipsis cu[m] figuris, Nuremburg (1498), National Gallery of Art, Washington D.C.
Raphael: "War in Heaven" (1504-05), The Louvre, Paris
Luca Giordano: "The Fall of the Rebel Angels" (circa 1666), Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna
Paul Troger: (detail) "Archangel Michael fights the dragon and rebel angels," dome fresco in Altenburg, Austria (1733). Photo: Wolfgang Sauber
Delacroix St. Michael
Eugène Delacroix's "St Michael defeats the Devil" (1854-61), in the church of Saint-Sulpice, Paris.