Hitchcock’s 'Rear Window'

Rear Window (1954) is the story of news photographer L.B. Jeffries (Jimmy Stewart) who is confined to his Greenwich Village apartment with a broken leg. To keep himself occupied “Jeff” looks out of his window at the adjacent apartments and one day thinks he sees indications that a woman has been murdered by her husband. Jeff enlists his girlfriend Lisa (Grace Kelly) to help find the truth and before long Lisa has invaded the other man’s apartment and discovered incriminating evidence. The angry husband then invades Jeff’s apartment to kill him, but Jeff is saved from his own murder in the nick of time.


It's interesting in light of Rear Window that in an Allen Ginsberg biography, Barry Miles describes how Gregory Corso "showed Ginsberg a poem about a woman who lived across the street from him and sunbathed naked in the window. Amazingly, the woman happened to be Ginsberg's girlfriend that he was living with during one of his forays into heterosexuality. Ginsberg took Corso over to their apartment..." (Wikipedia quote). One thing led to another...