House of Incest - Timeline

House of Incest - Timeline
Rue du Général-Henrion-Bertier, Neuilly-sur-Seine. Photo: CVB
  • 1903 Anaïs Nin is born in affluent Neuilly-sur-Seine, Paris
  • 1914 Nin's mother, and Anaïs, and her two brothers emigrate to the United States as World War I explodes around them
  • 1923 Marries Hugh Guiler in Havana. She is 20 years old. They move to Paris the following year.
  • 1931 The period in her life recorded in Nin’s published diaries begins.
  • 1933 Nin sleeps with her father (or does she?) and sees Otto Rank
  • 1936 House of Incest published as a prose poem/novel, but it's not about incest really
  • 1939 Winter of Artifice published and with World War II threatening, Nin and Guiler leave Paris for New York. Otto Rank is there too.
  • 1940s Nin in the U.S. and she writes erotica; but it isn’t published till after her death (Delta of Venus was published in 1977)
  • 1947 Nin meets Rupert Pole (they married in 1955) although she was married already to Guiler.
  • 1962 Nin living with Rupert Pole in Silver Lake, Los Angeles
  • 1966/7 First diary of seven from the years 1931-1966 is published
  • 1977 Nin dies in Los Angeles from cervical cancer. Guilar, her first husband, dies in 1985 and Pole, her "second husband" in 2006.