The Whore's Revenge - Timeline

The Whore's Revenge - Timeline
Giovanni Tiepolo: "Carnival Scene (The Minuet)" (1754-55), Louvre Museum, Paris
  • 1725 Casanova born in Venice
  • 1746 Casanova employed as a lowly violinist but he soon makes a connection with the wealthy Bragadin family.
  • 1749 Casanova meets Henriette
  • 1756 Casanova escapes from the Leads Prison
  • 1759 La Charpillon’s family emigrate to London
  • 1762 John Wilkes founds the newspaper The North Briton, in which he mocks King George III and his government. The newspaper is immediately suppressed and Wilkes is forced to flee to France.
  • 1763 Casanova and la Charpillon meet in London (it's his first visit)
  • 1768 John Wilkes returns to London from France
  • 1774 John Wilkes finally allowed to enter Parliament
  • 1789 French Revolution; Casanova begins his memoirs
  • 1797 John Wilkes dies
  • 1798 Casanova dies
  • 1899 Havelock Ellis publishes Affirmations, a collection of essays, which includes a profile of Casanova
  • 1920 Stefan Zweig publishes his biography of Casanova, Stendhal and Tolstoy, Adepts in Self-Portraiture (1930 in English)
  • 1939 Havelock Ellis dies; his autobiography, My Life, is subsequently published
  • 1940 Sandor Marai’s novel Casanova in Bolzano is published in Budapest (and in 2004 in English).
  • 1942 Zweig and his wife commit suicide in Brazil
  • 1966 Casanova’s memoirs are first published – uncensored -- in English (through 1971)
  • 1976 Fellini Casanova film, starring Donald Sutherland