'A Portrait of Alfred de Musset'

This portrait shows de Musset in 1854, three years before his death. Although, technically, I think this painting is a copy, in 1878, by Charles Landelle, of painting he saw somewhere else.

A portrait of Alfred de Musset in 1854, three years before his death
Charles Landelle, Palace of Versailles

De Musset spent much of his time writing, drinking and cruising brothels. Possibly, he beat up Céleste de Chabrillan, La Mogador in one of them. The painting below, Rolla was based on one of his most cynical poems, from 1833, the same year he became involved with George Sand. This painting, from much later, in 1878, was rejected by the jury of the Salon de Paris for immorality, because the jury knew that this young man (Rolla) was about to commit suicide by poison. His life has been ruined because he finds solace with Marie, a teenage prostitute, and there is no way out of this except downwards.

Henri Gervex: "Rolla" (1878), Musée des Beaux-Arts de Bordeaux

This all made for great opera ideas, which is why de Musset's writing influenced numerous musicians: Chabrier, Bizet, Offenbach, Puccini, Leoncavallo, among others.