Queen Eleanor and the Fair Rosamond in paintings

Queen Eleanor and the Fair Rosamond in paintings
Arthur Hughes: "Fair Rosamund" (1854), National Gallery of Victoria

Eleanor confronts Rosamond inside the secret bower. The painting below is by late pre-Raphaelite painter Evelyn de Morgan from around 1901 to 1905. She was a fascinating figure in her own right, believing in spiritualism, feminism (she supported the suffragettes) and pacifism. Many of her paintings are women-centered. Note the red roses and cherubs for Eleanor; the white ones for Rosamond.

Evelyn De Morgan: "Queen Eleanor & Fair Rosamund," De Morgan Centre, Cannon Hall, Yorkshire.

Below is an earlier Pre-Raphaelite painting, Frederick Sandys' Queen Eleanor (1858), holding the poison chalice and dagger, we presume.

National Museum Cardiff

Below is Edward Burne-Jones' Fair Rosamund and Queen Eleanor (1861).

Yale Center for British Art

Finally, William Bell Scott's Fair Rosamund in her Bower (1854)

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